May I bring outside food and beverage?
We do not allow outside food (with the exception of cakes), but you may purchase anything off of our Catering, pizza or drink menu. 

Can I bring in my own paper products and receive a discount off my party?
The party is all inclusive and the price stays the same regardless of additions that you choose to bring.

I want to celebrate two birthdays with one party, can I do that?
Absolutely!  The second child will be counted in the guest numbers.  Any children over your party allotment are subject to the additional child fee.

Can I choose my own party room?
We absolutely take room requests, but we can not guarantee a particular room.  Rooms are given based on guest counts.  We do however make every effort to assign you to the room that you have requested.

Can we have the party room for longer?
Absolutely!  It’s only $50.00 per half hour for your party to remain in a private party room.  Please let the party expert know when booking your party. Extensions are rarely available when requested during party time as there is frequently another party booked in the room.

If my guests are late, do you extend my time in the party room?
You may extend your time in the party room if there are no parties booked after you for the minimal price of $50.00 per half an hour. 

Is my party completely private?
The party is not completely private although you do have a private party room for your festivities, the entire facility is open during your event for other parties & walk-in play.  We do however offer after hour parties for an additional fee.

How much is an after-hours party?
We can offer after hour parties after our standard hours.  We can also work with you to book two party slots so you have the availability to stay in your private party room for two hours.  Please call us directly to gain further information 978-682-5338, ask to speak to a manager.

Do I receive a discount if I'm a member?
Of course!  You receive 10% off of the party package price.  This does not include any additional children or add-ons to your party. This discount is not valid towards after hours parties.

If I order extra food or add-ons, and we don’t use it at my party can I return it?
Food can not be returned. All of our party food and add-ons are purchased from outside vendors so please choose carefully when ordering.

If I cancel my party can I get my deposit back?
Your deposit is non-refundable.  Your deposit confirms that time slot for your party and blocks our schedule from booking other parties.  If you need to reschedule your party, your deposit rolls over to the new time slot.

Can other parents drop invited guests off and leave?
That is up to you, but you are then responsible for those children.  All Imajine That guidelines are applicable to you and the amount of children that you choose to watch.  We highly recommend that parents stay to watch their own children.

Can I use a library pass or a free friend play day towards my party?
Library passes and free friend passes are not valid towards a party or special event.

If a child that is a guest at my party has a membership do I still have to pay for them?
Yes, that child counts as a guest, and if you have more children than what your party allows you are responsible to pay for the additional child.

What happens if I book a large party and I end up having fewer children or if I book a small party and I have more?
You are able to upgrade to a larger size party if you find out you have more guests than expected as long as we have the upgraded room available for the time slot you have picked.  You are unable to down size a party if you find out you have less guests attending, however you are still able to receive the same number of pizza's and favors as if you had a full party.

Do adults count as guests?
Adults do not count as guests.  When we say guests we are speaking about the children that we are setting place settings for.

Do you provide paper products for the adults?
Yes we do.  Your party room is fully stocked with paper products, utensils & cups for the adults.

Do I tip the host?
You may absolutely tip the host.  Tips are appreciated but not required and will in no way effect the service that you receive.

Can I come early to set-up?
You and your guests are invited to join us for free play in advance of your party, and you may enter your room when the host has completed setup.  We can not guarantee early entry to your party room, though we do make every effort to accommodate your needs when possible.

If my child is invited to a party can his siblings come for free?
Any children that were not invited to the party must purchase a separate ticket at the door.