Imajine That’s commitment to quality education and family engagement has resulted in the development of our Educational Consulting Division.  We provide services in the areas of program evaluation, curriculum development, professional development, and strategic planning. The Research and Development Division of Imajine That is lead by Dr. Fran Hurley. 

Fran leads the team that provides services across the spectrum from early childhood through Pre-K-12. Our work in these domains consistently overlaps with the topics of digital learning, standards-based learning, students with exceptionalities, and English Learners.

Services We Offer:

  • Program Evaluation
  • Curriculum Development
  • Professional Development
  • Strategic Planning

Program Evaluation
Imajine That works with clients to determine the best strategy and research questions to evaluate the effectiveness of their programs, materials, methods, or educational products. We create the research design, develop the appropriate protocols, follow ethical practices to protect participants including IRBs, determine the most effective collection and measurement techniques, and provide data analysis and interpretation of results.

Curriculum Development
Imajine That’s approach to curriculum development relies on research-based methods and best practices in the field of education. We create standards-aligned curricula that accommodate all learners and are based on data-informed decision making. We can create the curriculum for you or in collaboration with your team.

Professional Development
Imajine That creates professional development materials and plans, provides content-area expertise, and facilitates training in response to the specific needs of our clients. We utilize technology to promote on-demand learning through online courses, webinars and instructional videos. And we work onsite with clients to conduct training and provide supervision and coaching.  We work with professionals at all levels: tutors, teachers, administrators, project leaders, online content developers, managers, and organization leaders.

Strategic Planning
Imajine That works with clients to help them answer the following guiding questions: What is it that we do, and how do we do it in the best possible way to serve the people at the center of our work? Through this process we collaborate with clients to refine and focus their mission, develop a strategy to implement changes, and identify the resources needed to make their work a success.