Do I have to be a member to visit?

Absolutely not! You may come play for the day and purchase a day pass. Please see our hours & directions page for admission prices.

Why do you require waivers to be filled out?

We require all visitors to fill out a waiver form for the health and safety of all our staff and the families that we play with.

Are you a daycare?

We are an Interactive Educational Children's Museum and Play Space where children and families can come and create together. We do however offer Imajine That University, a Family Engagement Infant/Toddler Preschool Program inside of our space, which licensed EEC classrooms for ages 1 month - 7 years old.

What are your guidelines?

For the safety of everyone we ask all families and children to follow the following guidelines:

  • Children must remain within hugs reach or eye view at all times.
  • We do not allow outside food or beverages. Certain exceptions are made, please call for details. Don’t worry we have a café for you to enjoy!
  • Please put away all toys when you are finished playing. Remember Sharing is Caring!
  • NO SHOES ARE ALLOWED. Socks must be worn at all times. If you forget no worries, we have Imajine That socks and shoe covers for sale at the front desk for little and big humans to wear!
  • All big humans are asked to fill out a waiver before playing with their little ones.
What is your sanitizing policy?

We understand that cleanliness and sanitization is an important factor to ensure the health and safety of our little friends is always protected; therefore we ensure the following procedures are completed.

  • Daily cleaning & disinfecting of hard toys and surfaces with bleach wipes & Lysol.
  • Daily washing of soft toys & costumes.
  • Maintaining stocked sanitizing stations for customer & staff use.
  • Encouraging hand sanitization throughout the day for customers and staff by utilizing Purell Dispensers throughout the facility.
  • A rigorous nightly cleaning routine
  • Lots of TLC and elbow grease.
Do you have an area for breastfeeding?

Mothers who are breastfeeding are welcome to breast feed anywhere in our facility that they may feel comfortable in. We are happy to accommodate you with a private space if you like.

Do you have changing tables?

Yes! Both of our bathrooms are equipped with changing tables for your little ones.

Can I bring in outside food?

We do not allow outside food due to the health risks of children with allergies. We do have a Café available with snacks, drinks and lunch options for you to enjoy though!

Am I allowed to leave for lunch once I have been in to play and then come back in?

Definitely! Your daily admission covers all day play. If you plan on leaving be sure to ask for a receipt as we ask for proof of admission purchase.

Why does the Arts & Crafts and Café area close an hour early?

The Arts & Crafts and Café area closes early so that our staff can have sufficient time to clean and prepare for the next day.

Why do I have to clean up after my child?

We ask that you help your little one clean up after you play in each area so every family who visits Imajine That can have an equally happy & healthy experience.

Do parents take their shoes off?

Yes, please. Let’s keep Imajine That clean for our children. We do offer shoe covers and socks to purchase if you wish.

Is there a special place for coats & shoes?

You may utilize the coat and shoes bins in the main entryway. We also offer locked lockers for a $1.00.