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We know how to party! Sit back, relax, and let us do all the planning. Guests get 2 fun filled hours of play time at Imajine That, and an hour in a private birthday room. We offer a variety of party packages, themes and add-ons. Let us handle the party prep and clean up!
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  • G3 is the Development Partner of Imajine That to support the development of comprehensive trainings to maximize the fullest potential and quality of life of the Imajine That employees, as well as with their partners, children and families. G3's development methodology is grounded in behavioral sciences and economics to ensure that the training leads to higher outcomes in both personal and organizational performance.
  • Imajine That offers customized extra curricular activities inside various LPS. These activities are offered to children in Kindergarten-4th grade during the scheduled school hours. All activities reinforce the school culture and academic skills that the students learn during the school day.
  • This great partner has come in and sponsored the Whole Foods Play Mart. Our play mart allows children to “go” grocery shopping and pick various healthy nutritious foods and cash out at the cash register. This is a great opportunity for families to practice basic math skills with their little ones. Once a quarter and during special events, you will find a representative from Whole Foods Andover talking to our visitors about healthy eating, shopping on a budget, and even handing out FREE samples!
  • This amazing partnership has allowed us to experience many exciting opportunities. We have collaborated with WGBH as their exclusive Development Partner to pilot and launch best practices in children, teacher and family media. We collaborate together on trainings throughout the state to expand award winning training to children, teachers and families internationally. WGBH award winning series “Between the Lions” has sponsored a literacy area for families. Another great WGBH show, Peep and the Big Wide World, has created an exclusive interactive STEM skill based app for children to utilize in the Museum.
  • This great partner collaborates with us in many ways. You can find some of their delicious food in our café for lunch. Salvatore’s also donates all the materials needed for our popular “Make your own pizza” workshop. This is a great workshop that is offered to children and families on a daily basis. This workshop not only allows the child to learn how to make a pizza, but also discusses how to make pizza a nutritious option; as well as a great fine motor activity for the children!
  • Susan, our Imajine That Founder and CEO, was on the Jumpstart Advisory Board for 8 years. The Jumpstart core members are part of our programs in LPS and BPS offering literacy support to the children twice a week. They work side by side with the students to support the development of language and literacy skills. Imajine That and Jumpstart continue to work together as strategic growth partners throughout the county.
  • Imajine That is inside various BPS offering extended learning day programs for children in the K0-2nd grade. These programs integrate BPS curriculum to ensure that all the children are successful and hitting their academic milestones. This programs run inside the schools until 6pm daily to support working families needs.
  • This partnership has sponsored a “hospital baby nursery” play area for children. This is a great area for your little one to come in and learn how to take care of potential baby sister or brother! You can teach your little one how to bath a baby, dress them and even buckle them in a car seat. This is a great opportunity to increase the little ones social-emotional skills. Every child will be a father, mother, aunt or uncle one day!
  • Our great friends from Lowell General Circle of Health came in and created a child friendly doctors office for children to play in. Your child can come in and get familiar with all those “scary things” found in a doctor’s office. This is a great opportunity to learn and expand ones vocabulary skills. Who doesn’t love to dress up in scrubs and a lab coat?
  • Imajine That and Boston Childrens Museum have collaborated together on professional development trainings throughout the state to expand the awareness and knowledge of STEM, The Power of Play and Mind in the Making within the education industry. We have supported BCM in spreading the awareness, knowledge and resources that they provide in Boston to the local community within the Merrimack Valley.
  • We have created this partnership to support the learning of technical skills in a playful way for children. Engineering & Programming, Problem Solving and Integration with Arts and Story Telling are the key components to bringing Kibo into our daily programming at our Extended Learning Day Programs in Boston and our Discovery Museum in Lawrence. Children learn by hands on learning, and having the ability to make and program their robot allows children an opportunity to make their ideas physical and tangible.
  • This amazing partnership allows Imajine That an opportunity to provide an array of resources to the local communities we serve in Boston and in the Merrimack Valley. First Book is transforming the lives of children in need and elevating the quality of education by making new, high quality books, and educational resources available on an ongoing basis. We are collaborating together to host various events, such as "Project Warm” to ensure that children in our local low income communities have equal opportunities as their peers in mid-high income communities.
  • This fun and creative partnership allows Imajine That to offer the magical feeling of Indigo Pixies to children's birthday parties by offering a Pixie themed party! Indigo Pixies has asked Imajine That to be one of their vendors to host their retail plush and books. Indigo Pixies also sponsors the Indigo Forest dramatic play station within the Imajine That Discovery Musuem. Children have the ability to dress up, play, and interact with the Indigo Pixies and Forest Friends by utilizing the various interactive materials and costumes housed in this station.
  • This collaboration with both the children and families of the community ensure growth, stability and well being of children birth to 3 years. SouthBay Early Childhood screens all children of our Imajine That University Program to ensure our teachers have a strong understanding of each child so they are able to modify and enhance our curriculum to support each child's needs. SouthBay Early Childhood has sponsored our Little Humanville, Infant Toddler Station, within our Discovery museum.
  • This great partner Greater Lawrence Community Action Council (GLCAC) leads a weekly Literacy Circle Time at Imajine That. This amazing program not only offers an interactive story time, but various literacy activities for you and your little one to engage in together.
  • This amazing partner is offering 3 different 6-week taekwondo series. Students who participate will learn confidence, responsibility, self-control, discipline and much more!
  • Thanks to this great partner, Imajine That now offers special character visits to children birthday celebrations. Parents have the option to pick which character they would like to join the birthday celebration. What an amazing way to make a childs birthday even more memorable!