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I'd just like to express how grateful I am with the after school program Imagine That and your staff at Up Academy. My son is four years old and his adjustment to K1 after leaving his Preschool was a challenge. Academically he was falling behind and his behavior was of major concern. As soon as your teachers began working closely with him, I've seen much improvement. I cannot even begin to thank you all enough. He is so enthusiastic when he is showing me all the new things he's learned and my challenge now is convincing him to leave the program each night. This has become a huge weight off my shoulders! Thank you for the work in providing a nurturing and positive environment. Children are more likely to grow and excel, steering away from undermining approaches. My son is a good example of this because slowly, but surely he is coming out of his shell and gaining a love for learning. All thanks to the excellent work provided by Imajine That.

Auris Rosario, Parent at UP Academy Dorchester Charter School