I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for the after school program Imajine That. My child is 6 years old and attends the program 5 days a week. He finds his work to be both fun and educational. I personally find the program to be relevant and engaging. Their services help strengthen the students achievements and they offer a unique way of tutoring. Their style of interacting with the children is filled with warmth, welcoming and lots of fun, which makes the kids look forward to attending the afterschool program. I have no hesitation in enrolling my son into the program again next year; he has never been so excited to learn before.

~Parent of Orchard Garden School


The teachers do an outstanding job with the Imajine That program. Every time I enter the Orchard Gardens School to pick up my son, I am presently surprised with the way they handle the classroom. They do not have an easy job teaching a room full of rambunctious four and six year olds, but they do it with a smile. My son is so very fond of the teachers and I couldn't be happier that they are here to teach my child.


The Imajine That teachers do an outstanding job with the program.  Every time I enter the classroom to pick up my child I am pleasantly surprised with the environment.  The teachers are always happy and smiling and my child couldn’t be any happier in this program.

~Stephanie Hartgrove, Parent at Orchard Garden School

I'd just like to express how grateful I am with the after school program Imagine That and your staff at Up Academy. My son is four years old and his adjustment to K1 after leaving his Preschool was a challenge. Academically he was falling behind and his behavior was of major concern. As soon as your teachers began working closely with him, I've seen much improvement. I cannot even begin to thank you all enough. He is so enthusiastic when he is showing me all the new things he's learned and my challenge now is convincing him to leave the program each night.  This has become a huge weight off my shoulders! Thank you for the work in providing a nurturing and positive environment. Children are more likely to grow and excel, steering away from undermining approaches. My son is a good example of this because slowly, but surely he is coming out of his shell and gaining a love for learning. All thanks to the excellent work provided by Imajine That.

~Auris Rosario, Parent at UP Academy Dorchester Charter School


The teachers in my room have been great, and I have no complaints! I think my room has actually been cleaner since they've begun using it, because students sweep it every day. I'm happy to share my classroom with them!

~Christopher Acone, UP Academy Teacher

From the first day at UP Academy Dorchester, I have been very pleased with the quality of programming of Imajine That. The teachers are very professional and have worked extremely hard to build relationships with students, families, and school staff. I have observed programming on many occasions and have witnessed much strength, including the positive results of the consistent efforts to partner with parents and effectively support students. Many parents have come to me with great compliments about the program and I whole-heartedly agree with them all. When I interact with the classroom staff and leadership, I always noticed a genuine sense of care and love for our students, their families and the community. This genuine care and love is very evident when you step into one of the Imajine That classrooms. I have also been very pleased at the many efforts to align with the systems and procedures of UP Academy Dorchester. Based on all of the great qualities and characteristics of Imajine That, they are very much the ideal model for what we would like all of our after school programs to be. I am very pleased to say that Imajine That is part of the UP Academy Dorchester family and now also part of our UP Academy Holland family this 2014-2015 school year. I look forward to working with them for many years to come.

~Adkeem Jackson, Dean of Families and Community, UP Academy Dorchester

UP Academy Dorchester partnered with Imajine That in the fall of 2013 to provide students in grades K1-2 an opportunity for an after school enrichment opportunity and families with a wonderful childcare option. Due to the strength of the partnership and the success of the program, we worked together to expand the program through grade 4, while making Imajine That our sole after school program provider.

UP Academy Dorchester has a wonderful relationship with the staff and are thrilled to provide our students with this incredible opportunity. Students are learning and enjoying their experience each day.

Additionally, students and families are incredibly pleased with the quality of the program, including homework support, structured playtime, extended learning opportunities, highly qualified instructors, and a warm, safe community environment of their afterschool experience.

Kate Mahoney, Director of Operations, UP Academy Dorchester