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Are you looking for a a full day program where your child will get to play, learn and have fun with their friends? Imajine That has you covered with our full day program during school vacations. We have only limited slots, so it is first come first serve.

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  • Increased academic skills
  • Interactive educational environment
  • Educated caring staff
  • Partnership with Math and Movement, Kinderlabs Robotics, and WGBH
  • Critical thinking & problem solving skills
  • Self regulation and emotion control


Boston Public Schools
Jump Start
Kinder Lab Robotics
Math and Movement
Wheelock College
KIPP Academy
UP Academy

The teachers in my room have been great, and I have no complaints! I think my room has actually been cleaner since they've begun using it, because students sweep it every day. I'm happy to share my classroom with them!

Christopher Acone, UP Academy Teacher